Monday, October 11, 2004

Happy Birthday Joan
that is the sister of John Cusack and a great actress in her own right. See School of Rock for one of her recent movies.
Recent deaths:
Janet Leigh best known for being murdered in the shower 44 years ago.
Jacques Derrida father of Deconstructionism even if he never bothered to define it properly.
Recent purchases:
Olaf Stapledon's Star Maker #21 in the SF Masterworks series.
Jodorowsky & George Bess' The White Llama Book #1 Reincarnation.
Now I want to find out what happens next. When will #2 be published in English?
JH Williams and Mick Gray's pre-Promethea title CHASE only issues #1 and #3 available at a Sydney comic shop for only $1.10 cheaper than when they were first published.
Rick Veitch's Rare Bit Friends Starter Pack Issues #1-#5 which includes the Alan Moore dream he described thus:
...the dream I drew of Alan hunting demons down by the riverside. In the dream, Alan captures one and peels it back to reveal a pack of "mystical cigarettes" which he informs me will knock me on my ass. The strip is included in the RABID EYE collection.
What was interesting about this dream is that it hit the bullseye on a thought experiment Alan was involved in (unbeknownst to me) that consisted of imagining powerful reefer cigarettes that one "smoked" in the imagination.
This was not the only dream I had of Alan that resonated with what he was up to with his magic stuff. In fact he surprised me with the first half of a twenty page script for RARE BIT FIENDS in which he imagined himself walking through the dreams and explaining the bizarre connections to his own reality that my unconscious mind had somehow made.
Unfortunately, the script was never finished for a number of reasons (RARE BIT FIENDS stopped publishing, Alan launched ABC and got super busy, and I never was able to get the photo reference required to start drawing what he'd sent me).
Alan also appears in "THREE DREAMS AND A COINCIDENCE" which is included in the new CRYPTO ZOO collection.

For more of Rick's dreams see Little Omens online
Also bought a copy of Rick's The Maximortal
Listening to:
London Calling by The Clash. The recently released 25th Anniversary legacy edition.

"Nembutal numbs it all
But I prefer ... alcohol"

One new discovery which I'm quite excited about is Howard Bloom. So far I've read most of his first book The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History, next up is his Global Brain: The evolution of Mass Mind from Big Bang to the 21st Century.
The Jasper Fforde Ffan club has recently updated it's webpage.
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