Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Hypothetical Lizard

The cover for Alan Moore's A Hypothetical Lizard can be found here
And here's a short summary of it.
Still no release date given yet.
The extended summary from Avatar reads:

One of Alan Moore's greatest works and his most critically acclaimed novella of all time is now painstakingly adapted to comic books. Moore's frequent collaborator Antony Johnston has carefully preserved the story as it is presented in sequential form with stunning grey-painted art by new sensations Lorenzo Lorente and Sebastian Fiumara, all under the watchful eye of Moore himself. This four issue masterpiece launches with an extra large first issue. What would you pay to learn the innermost secrets of wizards? Young prostitute Som-Som has made the ultimate sacrifice; literally sworn to secrecy by cosmetic surgery, the two halves of Som-Som's brain have been severed, leaving her able to hear and see... but not speak or act. Now Som-Som's unique attributes will put her firmly in the center of an impossible dilemma, as an old friend return to The House Without Clocks, and a deadly game of domination begins... Available in regular and wraparound covers by Fiumara.

Michael Palin will be having a literary luncheon to launch Himalaya in Sydney on November 16th. If I can get the day off work I might go.

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