Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sunday was my oldest daughter's 4th birthday. The party was at our house and a splendid time was guarranteed for all. There seems to be a lot of children born around the same time in our local area. Went to another birthday party last weekend and over the next month or so there's another 4 parties to go to.
The wife is singing in the chorus of a local amateur dramatic society's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore. I look forward to seeing a performance in another couple of weeks. Makes a nice change for her to actually have to do some choreography as previously she's only sung in choirs.

Two recent comic book purchases I made were
Superman: True Brit by Kim "Howard" Johnson with some help by John Cleese

Also Neil Gaimans Marvel 1602.

Both in hardcover and reasonably cheap. I guess I've been spoilt rotten by reading Alan Moore's ABC titles and expecting any ads in individual issues to be placed at the back of the comic book. I stopped buying the single issues of 1602 as the ads were too annoying for me and I knew I'd be getting the collected version eventually. Good to read another of Neil's scripts (for Issue #1) and also nice to see some sketches and all the groundwork that goes in to producing the finished product.

Here's an interview with Kim "Howard" Johnson

Instead of growing up in Smallville he grows up in Weston-Super-Mare which is where John Cleese was born.
One nice in-joke for Python fantatics:
STEPFATHER: Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?
SUPERMAN: A bicycle repair man
He gets to save two of Eric Idle's Rutles Dirk Mc Quickly and Ron Nasty from certain death.
He has to complete 3 impossible tasks
1) make the trains run on time
2) reduce the waiting time for hip operations
3) raise the quality of programming on the BBC

When his step-parents hide in the Arctic Circle as he approaches their location his father asks
"Is it that nice Mr. Palin and his BBC crew again?"

Superman doens't reveal his super powers because as his step parents acronym it for him "WWTNT" or "What would the neighbours think?"
Very British.

I should have been a proofreader. Spotted one minor error in the Hard Cover version of 1602.
On the verso of the title page or whatever it's called with reference to Todd Klein it reads
"letterring" instead of "lettering"
Two r's instead of one.
When I asked Todd about this he said that he hasn't seen the HC and didn't work on that page so the mistake is by someone else.

Also reading or browsing through two books in the Cities of the Imagination Series both subtitled "A cultural and literary companion"

One about Buenos Aires where I was born and another about Oxford where my sister-in-law lives and which I hope to visit some time next year. The major literary influence on Buenos Aires is of course Jorge Luis Borges but Oxford has several from Shelley to Lewis Carrol, Oscar Wilde, CS Lewis right up to Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse.

Also managed to get a copy of Steve Moore's The Trigrams of Han: Inner Structures of the I Ching on InterLibrary Loan.
Lots of reading to catch up on for me.

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