Monday, October 18, 2004

Today I received a copy of David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus (Savoy Books, 2002)

The 11 page foreword by Alan Moore included two photos of Lindsay that Alan comments on.

Could push us out of the constrictive house of Sense we've built to shield us from the Universe and into Non-sense, down there in the word soup with Lear's Jumblies, Lindsay's phaens, Dee's lexical monstorsities, with Carroll's Jabberwock and Lennon's Walrus. Golgonooza goo gajoob

As well there's a 60 page essay by Colin Wilson and a group of Philosophical Aphorisms by Lindsay himself. The beautiful paintings on the dustjacket are both by Jean Delville and the front and back pages are a handwritten letter by Lindsay.

Alans' introduction is entitled

Prism and Pentecost: David Lindsay and the British Apocalypse

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