Friday, April 30, 2004

On Killing Bill

I knew the bride when she used to rock'n'roll - Nick Lowe

Quite a few surprises in this. How Michael Masdens character is disposed of, what happens to Daryl Hannah when she and Uma Thurman have their fight and how Uma escapes out of a seemingly impossible situation (nice nod to Brian de Palma's Carrie there). Ending a bit disappointing in how she finally got to kill Bill. David Carradine doing a nice riff on his character in the old Kung Fu TV-series. Someone told my wife that our 3 1/2 year old daughter looked like Uma's in the film. Face was totally different but the hair and her attitude were almost identical. Good surprise in how Michael Masden's character seems to be a bit of a wimp
"Maybe we deserve to die"

but has a surprise for Uma when she opens the door.
I liked it but not as much as the first one. Still they really are one film split in two not two separate films.

Someone lent me a CD of Richard Thompson's The Old Kit Bag (Unguents, Fig Leaves and Torniquets For The Soul).
My favourite song on it is Outside the Inside:

God never listened to Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker lived in vain
Blasphemer, womaniser,
Let a needle numb his brain
Wash away his monkey music
Damn his demons, Damn his pain

And what's the point of Albert Einstein
What do we need Physics for?
Heresy's his inspiration
Corrupt and rotten to the core
Curse his devious mathematics
Curse his deadly atom war

Bought a copy of Tom Strong Book 3.
Nice description of Leah Moore on the contributors page:
Leah Moore was born and raised in Northampton, England. The daughter
of a prominent comics writer, Leah had creative aspirations from an early age.
She is currently co-writing, with John Reppion, her first series.

Finished reading Cerebus Book 7 Flight

From pg. 130
Here's one of your earliest experiences with the
emotion of Joy. You're a mere lad of eight summers and
you're on your way home after an industrious afternoon
of stealing baked goods found cooling in open windows.
You have just finished consuming a delectable cherry
pie, its filling enhanced with the unexpected tartness
of lemon juice. You are passing through a grove of
lilac trees. It is late spring and a warm wind
suddenly springs up from the south, shaking the
blossoms of the surrounding trees with a rush of sound
like a wave on the ocean, so that the cream-white and
tiny petals fill the air around you like some
brilliant magical snowfall as far as the eye can see.
There is no one threatening you, no one taunting you
about your appearance or your clothing and, for the
first time, a warmth and an inner peace descends over
you. You are relaxed and happy. You stand there,
entranced and inwardly pleased, for several
uninterrupted minutes

Next one I haven't read yet is Book 11 Guys

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Something Rotten

Jasper Fforde's fourth Thursday Next novel called Something Rotten is due out in July in the UK and August in the USA. Not sure when it comes out in Australia.
I like the 30's pulp cover although the first 3 titles I've already got are the strange animal riding a vehicle cover. This one wil be a buffallo on a speedboat by the look of things.

Someone called Mohnejo has informed me that
The designs for the looks for the two demons, "Andras" and
"Marchosias", [in Alan Moore's Promethea] both come from Colin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal,
published in 1863. I believe Alan Moore sometimes provides copies of
the drawings of demons in that book to the artists he collaborates
with, when he wants them to portray demons. One of the designs of a
demon from de Plancy's book was also used in the Swamp Thing Annual
which Alan Moore wrote (the demon with three heads).

Yesterday I finally got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD and tonight I'm off to see Kill Bill Vol. 2.

A nice Alan Moore quote about worshipping a glove puppet:
"The only references there are to [Glycon] in the literature, which are very disparaging, are in the works of the philosopherLucian. Lucian explains that the whole Glycon cult was an enormous fraud, and that Glycon was a glove puppet. And I've got no reason to disbelieve that whatsoever. To me, I think that's perfect. If I'm gonna have a god, I prefer it to be a complete hoax and a glove puppet because I'm not likely to start believing that glove puppet created the universe or anything dangerous like that."

Having just finished Church and State II or Cerebus Book 4 if you prefer I now know that the Universe was created by Tarim and that the moon is the corpse of Tarim.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Went for a much needed day away from home to the Blue Mountains. Came across a bookstore La Maison du Livre which had a copy of A true & faithful relation of what passed for many years between Dr. John Dee (a mathematician of great fame in Queen Elizabeth & King James their reignes) & some spirits (facsimile edition) for a mere $343. We've alread got it on microfilm at the library where I work but actually reading it foolscap sized hardcopy would be much easier on the eye if I could have afforded a copy.

Promethea and Metafiction made it into ZhurnalWiki

Nice observations by Satyr (25 April) about buying a Che Guevara T-shirt.

Matt Thorn is doing a questionairre about comic readers. Try it out especially if you read Manga. Unfortunately I don't. I've only seen a few films.

Anyone interested in Alan Moore's Big Numbers should read Jose Carlos Neves webpage reprinting Submedia magazine #1, 1999, page 77-78. It's surprising that Bill Sienkiewicz says he'd be interested in trying to finish it. I don't know if Alan could be persuaded to do anything more with it though.

Looks like Cerebusfangirl is starting off another Cerebus re-read on May 1st. Unfortunately I'm missing Book 1 so I can't join in until they start to do Book 2. Even if I had the money and ordered it online I wouldn't get it in time to take part in the first re-read

Friday, April 23, 2004

The Horror of the Harveys (2004)

Seems like everyone connected with Promethea except illustrator JH Williams III was nominated for a Harvey Award this year.
"And the nominees are...":
Best Writer
Alan Moore | "Promethea"
America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC Comics

Best Continuing or Limited Series
"Promethea" | Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III
America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC Comics

Best Inker
Mick Gray | "Promethea"
America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC Comics

Best Letterer
Todd Klein | "Promethea"
America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC Comics

Best Colorist
Jeremy Cox | "Promethea"
America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC Comics

What's going on here?

Interesting email from one Mark Zimmermann

Hey he shares his surname with Ethel Merman and Bob Dylan

Hi! I was looking for the phrase
"The key to the treasure is the treasure"
--- which is in a quote used in Abelson & Sussman's
Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programming
at the beginning of the
chapter "Metalinguistic Abstraction", and which is from John Barth's
Chimera --- and found
a wonderfully thoughtful essay
which I am still reading, and which I speculate is by you, or one of your colleagues?

Could you tell me more about the context of this essay? --- who wrote it, and why, etc.?

Many thanks!

Luckily I still had a very old email from the author of the essay and have set him on the right track to communicate with Brian who wrote the original university thesis.
Now if only I'd read John Barth and Chimera I'd be able to make more sense of it all.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Where does the time go

Can't believe it's more than 3 months since my last post.
Have decided to take a lot longer to do my Promethea Guide Book. Probably another year or so. I have to wait until not only Issue #32 is published but also Book 5 and the new Little Margie story that Eric Shanower is illustrating.

Have managed to collect all but I Book 1, Book 0 and Book 15 of Dave Sim's Cerebus now. 25 years and about 6,000 pages worth of a single comic book title to read. That should take me quite a while. Then I can keep up by Following Cerebus.Also catching up on 4 of Eric Shanower's Oz books plus Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #10.

At the moment I'm working on the Character Index for the PGB. Up to about Issue #11 at the moment but will have to get other people to double check it for me when I finish it. Basically I'm going to index which pages characters in Promethea appear in.

For my 42nd birthday (April 2) among other things I got DVD's of Bogart films The Bogart Collection one and two which in Australia means They Drive by Night, High Sierra, The Maltese Falcon, all 4 films he did with Bacall and the Treasure of Sierra Madre. Also bought Casablanca separately and a friend gave me The Good The Bad and the Ugly on DVD (unfortuantely no extras) and OJRIL: The Complete Incomplete Graham Chapman and just to show that great minds think alike both my wife and her identical twin sister who lives in Oxford bought me a copy of 1001 movies you must see before you die. I must have seen at least 500 of them already. Luckily we could take back the Aussie version of this to Dymocks where my wife had bought it and exchange it for book vouchers. So far I've gotten The Da Vinci Code and Andrew Denton's Enough Rope book in exchange.

Good to see that Joel Biroco is finally putting more entries in his online journal.

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