Thursday, September 30, 2004

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mothers birthday.

For a present I got her A Celebration of Sellers plus another CD of the best of Xavier Cugat. He had an easy birthday to remember 1st January, 1900.

For some reason when you do a search on "Eroom Nala Glob" on Yahoo the first page you get is not one of mine but one from Anthony J Hicks. He's got some interesting photos of Japanese Gothic girls on his September 26th entry.

Discussing a cute Promethea Avatar I told her about Alan's daughter Leah wrote

bless her little egyptian magic socks

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Latest additions to my Alan Moore library are Maxwell the Magic Cat Volume IV, Shocking Futures and Twisted Times.

All purchased from
4 Color Heroes

"It's a funny old world. These days, as a colossus bestriding the industry, I can have my work presented in more or less any format I like, see it illuminated by colours plucked fresh and dripping from the opium-racked visions of a Coleridge or De Quincy and have the whole thing printed on paper specially hand-made by a quintet of blind Trappist nuns from Tuscany. This notwithstanding, however, I continue to regard the two years or so that I spent working on stunted little five-page short stories destined to be printed in black and white upon Izal two-ply lavatory paper as one of the most eductional and creatively rewarding times of my career thus far."
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to air my shorts".

The first story Grawks Bearing Gifts contains
"a lot of terrible racist slurs directed at Australians".
Luckily although I live in Australia I'm not actually native born so I didn't find it offensive at all.

One half of Twisted Times is all Abelard Snazz stories whilst the other half contains great Time Twisters such as Chronocops and the Reversible Man.
I have to update what I have in the library as I've added a lot of items that don't appear on the list.
The major disappointment with Maxwell is that it just ends without coming to any sort of conclusion. Other than that it's very funny albeit a bit topical (coal miners strike, etc.)

John Reppion added a quote from Alan about True Brit to the new message board from his and Leah's website

"George Khoury's True Brit is at once a passport and the perfect
travel-guide to the marvellous lost continent of the British comic.
For both those who didn't realise that they did comics on this side
of the Atlantic, and those seasoned know-alls who can already tell
their Dudley Watkins from their Paddy Brennan, this book is a
treasure-trove of rare art, interviews and information, illuminating
a hidden and unsuspected world of wonders."

It won't appear until the 2nd edition and I've already gotten the first one unfortunately.

Here's an interesting article about records (LPs) with double parallel grooves. The most famous example I know of is Monty Python's Matching Tie and Handkerchief.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Just to give all us future potential buyers a taste of what's to come Jess Nevins has posted the first 3 entries from his forthcoming Encylcopedia of Fantastic Victoriana online. Just in case you were wondering they're for
Aballino Abbadona and Abdallah

Eric Shanower has put the new Little Margie in Misty Magic Land story into his Forthcoming Publications list

Tomorrow Stories Special: ABC/DC Comics, 2005: 16 pp. comics story "Little Margie in Misty Magic Land"

but still no indication of when in 2005 it will be published.

Recent Deaths: Russ Meyer film director obsessed with women with large breasts and Eddie Adams photojournalist.

Recent discovery: Dion McGregor the man who talks in his sleep

Just finished reading Zander Cannon's The Replacement God Book 1. Now I wonder what happens in Book 2.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Yesterday was Stephen King's birthday #57. I only know because I woke up early and wound up watching monring news from some American network where they wheeled him out to promote the last volume of the dark tower septology as well as a popupbook version of the Girl who Loved Tom Gordon. Then they brought out a birthday cake done in the style of the cover of Dark Tower #7 except they added a middle G initial to his name on the spine of the book (sorry cake).
Haven't read any Dark Towers since #4 and I won't bother catching up with #s5-7 at least until they come out as reasonably priced paperbacks. The hardbacks are way overpriced especially out here in Australia.

Nice reply from Rick Veitch about Alan Moore dreams he has illustrated:

the dream I drew of Alan hunting demons down by the riverside. In the dream, Alan captures one and peels it back to reveal a pack of "mystical cigarettes" which he informs me will knock me on my ass.
The strip is included in the RABID EYE collection.

What was interesting about this dream is that it hit the bullseye on a thought experiment Alan was involved in (unbeknownst to me) that consisted of imagining powerful reefer cigarettes that one "smoked" in the imagination.

This was not the only dream I had of Alan that resonated with what he was up to with his magic stuff. In fact he surprised me with the first half of a twenty page script for RARE BIT FIENDS in which he imagined himself walking through the dreams and explaining the bizarre connections to his own reality that my unconscious mind had somehow made.

Unfortunately, the script was never finished for a number of reasons (RARE BIT FIENDS stopped publishing, Alan launched ABC and got super busy, and I never was able to get the photo reference required to start drawing what he'd sent me).

Alan also appears in "THREE DREAMS AND A COINCIDENCE" which is included in the new CRYPTO ZOO collection.

Herge's last unfinished Tintin book Tintin and Alph-Art is once again available in an English translation. Mostly consisting of pencil sketches with not finished artwork but worth buying for sentimental reasons.

Elvis Costello put out not one but two albums on the same day. The Delivery Man and Il Sogno music for a ballet based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Happy 70th Birthday to Sophia Loren
If Peter Sellers were still alive no doubt he would be singing

"Well goodness gracious me"

Jasper Fforde signed 4 of his Thursday Next novels for me. One to each of my two daughters, one to my wife and one to me. Also he gave me 4 postcards. One for each book. Conspiracy Theorist and 3 of the 7 Wonders of Swindon. (Numbers 3, 4 and 7) The Double Helix of Carfax, The Lighthouse of Alexander Road and the Elgin Llamas.
One of his daughters has the same name as one of mine. Rosanna shortened to Rosie. When I mentioned that I was actually born in Buenos Aires he said that he'd been there filming Highlander 2. He says one of the main plot points in the next novel will be who murdered Humpty Dumpty and maybe when he gets to book 13 he'll finally publish all the missing Chapter 13s from all the previous novels.
Some of the previous novels have already been translated into various languages but not Latin. I mentioned that Harry Potter had been published in Latin. Dead languages that are still alive.
None of the novels have been picked up for a film option yet but he said if they ever were he'd want to be the one making them. When I asked him if he would expand the next novel geographically he said instead of just Swindon the next one would be set mostly in Redding.
As well as signing each book he also stamped them with official looking amusements such as:

This volume has been judged to
contain banned Danish themes,
references and/or characters.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Immortalized in Leggo

Yes it's happened to Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore

Looks like a police lineup to me. Why is Alan cross-eyed? Maybe he doesn't want to be fingered by the crime victim.

The one on the right officer. I'd recognize that red beard anywhere

Reading Jasper Fforde's Something Rotten finally.

As usual Chapter 13 is missing. It's called Milton but like in the previous Thursday Next novel it's just a blank page. Finished the whole book in about two days.
A nice quote from it

I had learned from my own fathers death many years ago that the end of one's life and dying are two very different things indeed, and took solace in that

You have to read it in context to fully appreciate it

He's here in Sydney for the book tour next Monday so I'm hoping to get it signed and maybe the first 3 books as well if he can.

Listening to Monty Python's LP Contractual Obligation Album

...and now the sound of John Denver being strangled...

Monday, September 13, 2004

All in the Family
Like Father like daughter

One of my favourite book dedications of all times would have to be what PG Wodehouse wrote for his 1926 novel The Heart of a Goof
"To my daughter, Leonora, without whose never-failing sympathy and encouragement this book would have been finished in half the time."

Alan Moore’s daughter Leah has recently started up a webpage helping to promote the comic books she is writing with John Reppion Wildgirl and Albion.
JH Williams has contributed some artwork to Wildgirl so I'm looking forward to seeing in in November.

Some information about Albion for anyone hearing false rumours

1. Alan Moore is retiring.
2. Alan Moore is not writing for DC.
3. Alan Moore has plotted the series.
(That means that, along with Leah Moore, John Reppion and Shane Oakley, Alan has decided what the story of the series is and what needs to happen in each issue. Once an issue is written Alan will look over it and see if he thinks that they've missed anything major out or if there are any small changes which need to be made.)
4. The series is being written by Leah Moore & John Reppion.

Please feel free to spread these truths as far across the internet as you like.

So here I am spreading the truths


I missed the first episode of John Safran vs. God but the last two have been quite hilarious. Next week he takes on the Mormons. Read what his ex-girlfriend has to say about him on his website

Michael Palin's new book and travel series Himalaya comes out at the end of this month. Another tome to get signed when he tours Australia no doubt some time next year.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Recent purchases include:

Smax the Hardcover edition

The Starry Wisdom: a tribute to HP Lovecraft edited by DM Mitchell which has the original printing of Alan Moore's The Courtyard story and also a 32 page adaptation of the Call of Cthulhu by John Coulthart.

Unfortunately not the much better cover done by John

Here's the original artwork without the title and names.

I pointed out to John that the character of George Gammell Angell looked like Joseph Conrad and he added that

the story has many oblique references to Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now and also to King Kong two stories which seem analogous to Call of Cthulhu.
I envisioned the adaptation as being RKO presents The Call of Cthulhu, hence the RKO
"The End"

on the last page.

Some images from his adaptation are available on his website:

3 images
Cthulhu Arisen

Influences on the artwork inlcuded Bryan Talbot's The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein and Jim Cawthorn's Moorcock adaptations. Here's one of those adaptations.

One interesting coincidence in the story is that my birthday is one of the dates mentioned in it:

The malady ceased on April 2nd.

Listening to best of collections from:
The Cure Greatest Hits

The B-52s Time Capsule: Songs for a Future Generation

Joy Division Substance: 1977-1980

The Smiths "Singles"

Today is the 3rd anniversary of we all know what.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Rick Veitch is posting drawings of his dreams online at Comicon and calling it Little Omens

He had one about visiting Alan Moore

Alan pointed out (when I sent him the mini-comic years ago) that Dennis spelled backwards is "sinned".

You'd think with my pseudonym I would have guessed the Dennis Sinned idea.

Quote for the day:

Jesus wept
Lazarus laughed

Useless facts you can learn from reading the back of a Spring Valley juice Poptop lid

Liddle Facts #58: Alligators cannot move backwards.

Reading Michael Moorcock's Dancers at the End of Time trilogy and Michael Swanwick's Jack Faust.

Listening to Roger Waters Flickering Flame album released the day before my birthday two years ago.

And in New York City
The business man in his mohair suit
In the world trade center
Puffs on his cheroot
And he said
"Well I don't care who owns the desert sands,
My brief
Is with the hydrocarbons underneath"

I wonder if they'll still call it the World Trade Center when they rebuild the two towers.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Happy Father's Day to me

And my father's day present this year is:

The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society 3-CD Special Deluxe Edition just recently released.

I wonder if Alan Moore listened to it before he started writing League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

We are the Sherlock Holmes English Speaking Vernacular
Help save Fu Manchu, Moriarty and Dracula

- Ray Davies

My own father who just turned 76 yesterday (he gets to celebrate Father's day and his birthday in the same week each year) got a DVD of Fellini's 8 1/2

Two recent music related deaths
Robert Quinne (1942-2004)guitarist on Lou Reed's The Blue Mask amongst others and Elmer Bernstein (1922-2004) probably best remembered for his soundtracks to the Magnificent Seven and the Great Escape.

"So it goes"
- Kurt Vonnegut

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